“Come here young lady. Where are you off to?” “I’m just off to see my friends sir, what about you?”

“I was just going for a stroll, do you need some company?” “No thank you, I’m nearly there sir. I don’t need you to walk with me.”

“But you’re alone on the street, I think you’ll find it safer!” “NO, sir you are too old for me and plus you are a stranger!”

“Oh well let me introduce myself.” “No! Let me stop you there. I’m only thirteen years of age, harrasing me’s not fair!”

“Thirteen, really? You look much older, are you telling fibs? The man in his forties questions me as he licks his lips.

“I’m sorry I really have to go. This is making me very late!” “That’s ok we’ll keep on walking, introduce me to your mate?”

“Please I don’t want to. I would just like you to leave.” I begin to walk away and he grabs me by my sleeve.

“Now look here you little tart, why you gotta be such a tease? What makes you think you can act that way with me?”

“Walking by with your revealing top and make up on your face. Bet your underwear is sexy too. What is it, black, lace?”

He pulls upon my jeans, people walking by. No one helping me, and I start to cry.

“Please Mr leave me alone. I really am thirteen.” “You shouldn’t lie like that girl, it’s really very mean!”

“Look at your body, a naturally, curvy queen. No way you’re a young, virginal teen!”

My face a blast with terror, body trembling as he drags me down the street. Nervously I panic and fall to my feet.

I start to crawl away when he jumps on top of me. “No one’s going to hear you down this secluded alley!”

I muster all my strength and kick him where it hurts. Up on my feet, time to get away from this jerk!

Low and behold sirens come my way. “Hey there young lady, what seems to be the problem today?”

Slowly shouting behind the man rises up. “She’s running away because she attacked me the little slut!”

I open up my mouth to explain what had happened, unfortunately to my horror I was pronounced the blackened.

What a silly little teen, not doing what she’s told. A rough and tumble estate girl, attacked the forty year old.

The officer gives me a harsh talking to and sends me on my way. But they also just let a predator go free today!


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