Mental Illness doesn’t mean crazy!

Oops. I think I scared you when I mentioned mental illness. Because to those that don’t understand it, mental illness equals crazy. You think people like me have got a screw loose. The kinds of beasts that’ll eat your babies.

To you this imbalance in my mind automatically makes me dangerous. You act like if I breathe on you, you’ll catch it, like it contagious?

You watch me panic for several minutes and yes that’s scary. But what about the times I’ve helped others. I’ve been approachable and kind. Held out my hand to my sister’s and brothers.

The 90% of my life that I spent watching out for people like you. As your imbalance is different, your not wary of what you do. You can go on like everything is breezy. Whilst my every breath is a struggle, believe me!

I have a constant voice in my head telling me to be conscientious, and sometimes that makes me a little more high maintenance. I don’t do laid back, honestly sometimes I find some of you selfish. When you only do you, so you forget about those you damage.

But apparently I’m the one that you must be wary of, because I think a little differently? All I ever wanted is for us to treat one an other equally. But socially it’s better to capitalise on people’s hurt. Rather than push one an other to recognise each others worth!


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