Haunted Sleepover

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This is actually based on a true story. My memory of the fact is slightly fuzzy, but I remember this happening and it still haunts me to this day.

She had mentioned something before, said he didn’t like me! Told me to be careful when I fell asleep. So as the night ended I finished my joint and the rest of 20/20, thought fuck it I shall challenge this creep.

Now I didn’t really believe the story that had come from her mouth. She mentioned he died many years ago inside her house. She described a young man dressed in a white ruffled shirt and grey bottoms. Sitting on her bed sheets crumpled and rotten.

She would tell him of all her worries and woes, told him stories about me and he said I was a whore. Said she shouldn’t keep within my company and should kick me to the floor.

Although I thought “Alright bitch I know your being nasty,” I thought I’d go along with her elaborate story. So I said don’t worry babe I’ll sleep upon the floor, so I laid there staring intently at the door.

I don’t know why I thought a ghost would use the door conventional, the fact I was thinking it made me feel quite mental. Of course she was just chatting vomit and trying to frighten me, but the longer I laid there, less I wanted to sleep.

I fought to stay awake minutes slowly ticking by. Every little flicker getting heavy on my eyes, and just before they closed for inevitable sleep, the floor boards shook close to my ear and let out a ‘CREAK!’

I fell a slumber next to her bed and began to dream of ghosts and while that was scary what startled me the most, was the pushing and pricking I could feel upon my body. Obviously she woke up and thought she’d mess with me.

I kept my eyes closed and thought I’d catch her in the act. As soon as I feel something I’ll go into attack. A prick, a prod a shake and I’ll grab her by her hair, bring to the floor give her a good scare.

But when I went to grab her all I caught was air. I looked up above me and no body was there? I jumped up to look at her, was she really that quick? Fast asleep and snoring heavily, what was she up to this bitch?

Was she telling the truth, was this thing out to get me? Was I safe in that house, am I safe to go and pee? I crept out of her room and along the hall, trembling with fear all the while feeling like a fool.

I sat there in the bathroom and the temperature dropped, but to be honest in the bathroom it normally does. I washed my hands and went on back, walking through the hall and bedroom door then suddenly ‘Thwack!’

I was pushed and fell to the floor, but nothing was behind me, seriously no one was there. I needed to wake my friend up I was too bloody scared. I called out her name and she wouldn’t wake, so this time I had to give her a shake.

Mumbling in her sleep she wouldn’t wake up. Then I felt it pull me and I thought I’d throw up. I ran to my mattress and covers on the floor, wrapped myself up and stared at the door.

Why was I obsessing over the door, if it wanted to get me it would! And why wouldn’t my friend wake up? Then over me a figure stood. I couldn’t quite make him out but it was defiantly him pushing down on me. Pushing so hard I could barely breathe.

Did this thing really want me dead? Oxygen not going to my head, I fainted, passed out, fell back to sleep. Visions of the boy in a white shirt haunting my dreams. Even whilst sleeping I was gasping for air. Still she didn’t wake up, did she not care?

What would she do if she found me not breathing, laying there limp and lifeless. I had to do something, no more politeness. I tried to scream all whist I was dreaming. Trying to get the monster off of me. Waving my body around, trying profusely to set my soul free.

At last I wake and concerned laying next to me was my friend. Crying a river of tears maybe she did care in the end. She hugged me tight and said “Jump in with me. I wont let him get you, I’m so sorry.”

“I could hear you calling my name, hear you scream and fight and strain. But I just lay here paralyzed, struggling to open my eyes. I tried to come to the rescue stop him from hurting you, but I could not move. I thought you would die, I though you would lose!”

“Sorry!” she said stroking my arms and my back, I was bleeding and had many a scratch. I was weak and tired but could no longer sleep, and it was too early in the morning to leave. So we sat there holding each other, waiting for the boy to reappear, when suddenly the thickness drained from the atmosphere.

I looked at my friend both of us shed a tear. “You know what, I could do with a beer?!” She smiled at me and said “I got just the thing!” And we spent the rest of the early morn drinking.

I went back to stay over but always shared the bed. You know he still tried to have my head. I’d hear and feel him working the night. Trying to scare me and give me a fright.

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