Waiting Room

I’m sitting in the doctors waiting room, fuelled by both hope and doom. The hustle and bustle of the busy staff, the situations serious but they smile and laugh.

They try to ease the patients nerves, melt them away. Get them to forget about death today. Although weak and feeble in appearance, these are the strongest people to date.

Scanning around the gloomy interior, brave grins on their faces on the exterior. One by one a name is called, I curl up in to a trembling ball.

Nurse approaches “Hayley you’re next.” Waiting here with shortening breath. Droplets of sweat begin to transpire. Anxiety and menopause, man I’m on fire!

Closer I get the harder I breathe, a metal taste coats my teeth. My throat swells up and starts to close and suddenly fear blocks up my nose.

My body static and shaking together. The nurse while smiling, walking over, taking her hand to place on my knee. Reassuring the patient, she puts me at ease.

Please come with me, she leads the way. Am I still going to be ok? I’m nervously floating upon the floor, when I come face to face with the doctors door…


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