Back to School (Ch15)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 15 of ‘Death of a Teddy’ FINAL CHAPTER!

For the first time in forever we all woke up feeling relief. Those two precious creatures, their faces happily riddled with disbelief.

The smell of bacon wafting through the halls and climbing up the stairs, inviting us all to rush down and jump into our chairs.

Dad is at the stove cooking up a storm. A feast is coming making us fuzzy and warm.

A multitude of dishes displayed upon the table. I’m gonna munch as much that I’m inhumanely able.

A mountain of sausage, bacon and black pudding in one tray. Eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms in a second. Hasbrowns, toast and a pot of beans, our bear ravenous hunger beckons.

“Tea for all?” Dad called out nodding at all us three. “Yes please daddy.” The girls responded and he handed us our teas.

All sitting down at the dining room table we all began to eat. Having a happy and loving environment was such a lovely treat.

“So are we ready for school tomorrow? I know it’s been a good few months.” Lacey’s face went from delighted to actually having the hump.

“What’s wrong Lace. Not looking forward to going back to school?”
“It’s nothing major dad I just know that I’m gonna have to deal with that fool!”

That bloody little crack face and her stupid minionettes. No longer would Lace allow them to be any sort of threat.

“Lace we need to learn to not let others bring out our bad!” Lacey knew that, but still she rolled her eyes at dad.

Suddenly I felt unsure and uneasy. Was Lacey planning something? I began to feel quite queasy.

Was it because we stuffed our faces with meat and carbs galore. Or was it because her face embodied danger and much more.

I loved my little Lace, but she’d been through far too much. I didn’t know if the turn around was going to be enough?

Although we were in a better place at last and finally happy. The past had imprinted on her heart and left her feeling kinda crappy.

When I looked her, her purity seemed broken. All that was left was hatred unspoken.

She smiled a pretend smile, they couldn’t see the lie. The lie that was buried deep into her eyes.

She had been taken over by anger and grief. I was honestly mistaken when I thought it was relief.

She had be convoluting but I couldn’t quite understand?
What sort of crushing chaos was about to be at hand?

I watched her through the day pretending to be normal. All the while taking in the pain of it all.

Of course she wasn’t looking forward to going back to school. She had to deal with witches, evil and cruel.

Not quite the level of the adults that she dealt with. But she no longer had her allies to deal with this bitch!

The rest of Sunday we sat wrapped in blankets watching movies. All that screen time left me feeling kinda of loopy.

Loopy and tired we all retired to bed. Lightening bolts firing in my head.

Dad tucked us in and sat upon the covers. He read a story of two star crossed lovers.

Our eyes began to flicker and heaviness took over. Happily falling asleep in our new safe enclosure?

“Good morning girls and good morning to you Teddy! It’s time we started to get ready!”

Dad had laid out our clothes and made us tea and toast. Jam, marmite and marmalade to make our brekkie taste the most!

Sitting at the table and munching on food. Lacey stared at the clock, in a confusing sort of mood.

She seemed ever determined but also a little scared. What would be in-store for us once we were there?

Tip tapping a drizzle on the kitchen window. The weather miserable and the grey skies began to show.

First day back and a walk in the rain it was as dad didn’t drive. The weather starting off sad, then the storm was alive.

Three of us were normally frightened and began to rush along, but Lacey dragged behind, there was something really wrong.

She embraced the storm like it was charging her energy. Giving her power to
cause some sort of spree?
Her eyes widened some kind of crazy, and left an alarm inside of me.

We arrived at the gates as lightening struck at rattled the world around us. Rain poured cats and dogs and the children began to fuss.

The bell began to bellow ushering us in. Lined up we pushed eachother and I nearly ended up in the bin!

Scurry, scurry, hurry we all dashed inside. Bumbles of children far and wide.
Not noticing eachother focused on getting dry. Not noticing her standing behind.

She had seen us though and followed us all the way. Quietly to class stalking like we were her prey.

A harsh bolt crossed Lacey’s leg but she was unsettlingly ready. I fell on my head but her stance was firm and steady.

She turned and glared at Lisa with a disturbing grin. Lisa had no idea what sort of trouble she was in?

“Good morning lovely Lisa.” Lacey shockingly spoke. “I think we should make a mends!?” Surely that was a joke?

Lisa’s face froze in a horrid kind of way. “What the bloody hell did you just say?”

“Well it’s up to you but I’m ready to be friends now. I’m sorry that I hurt you I really was a cow!”

“Yes you were.” Lisa agreed and cocked her head to the side. “Would you like to sit with me once we are inside?”

Lacey smiled the largest smile that I had ever seen. Would we never again feel the wrath from the queen of mean?

She brushed away her minions to make a space for Lace. Both girls sat at the desk pure joy on each face.

Ms Belle filled with glee at such a sight. “It is wonderful to see you girls without the fuss and fight!”

Welcome back Lacey I hope you are ready to get stuck in. Lacey nodded and there again was that grin.

Everyone smiled back but I found it menacing, she wasn’t happy. She was planing something!

Why wouldn’t she tell me and why couldn’t I tell? Usually we thought as one. I was in a personal hell!

And why hadn’t Lisa said anything about me? Had I become cool suddenly?

Together the girls worked on projects giggling but focused. A spell had been cast on them, what was that hocus pocus?

I looked out of the window and the storm was fiercely howling. So much so that the wind sounded like wolves growling.

Whirling past the windows, grey, weather spirits, banging on the glass it really wasn’t clearing.

Faster and louder the thunder did boom, when suddenly we were left in a darkened room.

The lights had gone out and no one could see. “Oh no I really need to pee!”

Lisa looked at Lace nervous and scared. “Don’t worry if miss let’s me I’ll take you there?”

Up shot Lisa’s hand. “Ms B I need the loo.” “Ok it’s dark though please take someone with you.”

Well that was perfect as Lacey had offered. She stood up to help and it felt really awkward!

Lace took Lisa’s hand and found the wall. “Here hold on otherwise we will fall.”

Lace had me in the left and Lisa in the right.
Hands clasped together fingers locked tight.

Lightening the only light leading the way. Darkness throughout to ruin the day.

We got to the top of the stairs. “We have to be careful.” Lisa whispers but Lacey just glares.

“What’s wrong with you, why have you stopped? Come on Lace I need you the dark will get me lost!”

Lacey froze to the spot at the top of the steps. Grabs Lisa’s arm and her smile was less.

“You’ll have to pee here. I’m not going any further.” “I can’t go here!” Lisa screamed bloody murder.

“Shut the hell up if you scream I’ll let go.” “Please don’t Lacey I’ll fall you know.”

“That’s exactly my point. You will fall to your death down the concrete stairs and no one would know that I pushed you down them.”

“It’s dark and we could not see. You slipped and fell. You fucked with me!”

“I’m sorry I know but I thought we got passed that. I mean you beat me up you cut my plaits.”

“You did bad things too Lace you’re not innocent here!” “I know that but you deserved what you got my dear.”

“And you deserve worse you made my life hell! And if you wasn’t here then, OH WELL!”

“Everyone would be better off. Let’s count to ten and then I’ll drop!”

“No Lacey don’t!” I screamed at her. “No one can hear you silly bear.”

“It’s all in my head to make feel better. But what good was that as you couldn’t protect me? It’s time I did something about these monsters then Chloe and I will be set free!”

“But if you do this you won’t ever see Chloe. She’ll grow up without you and who will protect her. I know you dad is doing better but there are still too many monsters!”

Lacey’s eyes began to tear up and smiled at poor frightened Lisa. “He is right you know! She’s too important my little sister!”

“Who’s right, you crazy bitch? What are you talking about? “Billy ofcorse who else you stupid cow?”

“He is just a bloody bear he can’t really talk. You’re such a fuck up, a waste of space that’s all.”

“You’ll never be good enough to get any where in life. All you’ll ever know is trouble and strife.”

Lisa carried on berrading little Lace. Lacey’s body boiled over with rage.

One by one her fingers unfolded, sliding away she loosened her grip. “Bye bye crackface this is your comeupance for being an almighty bitch!”

Everything went in the slowest of motions as Lacey let go of Lisa’s hand. But as she let go Lisa grabbed me making sure that I would go down.

Bump down the stairs our heads went first painting the steps coloured red. Bump all the way down to the bottom and poor Lisa Crackface was bloodied and dead!

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