Halloween Feast.

Well hello there and happy halloween, its been at least a year since you were last seen, creeping out of your rotting tomb. I know you are hungry, dinner will pass soon.

Oh hi and All Hallows Eve to you. Loving the new accessories on your broom. Please my dear sit with us. Soon there will be a people rush!

There you are, last but not least. Good Halloween vibes to the hairiest beast. Tummy a rumbling? There’s nothing to fear. Our feasts are a coming, they will soon be here.

I will sink in my fangs to rip flesh apart. Gobble on spleen, liver and hearts. A banquet fit for a monstrous horde. But wait we must for our overlord.

Good evening bad sir and thank you for coming. I can hear some of our food a running, close by and fearful a tempestuous stench, feast on an inn keeper savour the wench.

Let us grub on these free range delights. Let them entertain us as they take flight, in hopes to escape their inevitable fate. Straight from the fields and on to our plates.

Wash them all down with a thick, oozy red. Pace yourselves dears it does go to ones head. The strongest of all the euphorias. Our immense pleasure is their dysphoria!

Life courses through me when ever we meet. Gorging on beings and their lovely fresh meat. It’s a shame that it only happens but once a year, now, now my monsters no need to shed tears.

Although this night closes and come to a draw, this abundance of fun, we will have so much more! But we must say good evening and I must take flight. I will meet you all here next year on Halloween night.

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