The Morning After The Night Before. (Ch14)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 14 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

The morning after the night before. Waking up with our heads so sore.

Not recognising my surroundings, fear and confusing setting in.
My room filled with doctors and nurses, leads coming out from my feet to my chin.

My mind all fuzzy and I felt sick to my stomach. Stings upon my limbs, the pain is too much.
Although there were care givers beside me I had completely had enough!

Nervous and anxious without my trusted teddy, not knowing what to do. Not knowing What happened to Jackson I laid in a pool of my drool.

I turned my head and to my shock Chloe was asleep in bed. Peaceful for once no adults to interrupt her little sleepy head.

Did that mean that he couldn’t keep his promise, so dad just uped and left. I knew I couldn’t trust a single word he said!

Then he walks in, remorse upon his face. “I’m sorry I had to leave they wouldn’t let me stay.”

“I just need to have a conversation with the doctors then when you’re better hopefully we can go home?” The thought of Billy, Chlo and I staying with dad gave me some kind of hope.

“DAD!” Chloe called out desperate for a hug. Stretching out her arms, dad wrapped himself around her nice and snug.

A tall man in a suit waltzed in asking for “Mr Doors?” My dad said “Be right there.” He face seemed quite unsure?

Leaving Billy bear next to me in bed. Chloe joined us and lots of tears were shed.

I said “Chloe now listen what ever happens Billy and I are here. We want to go home with daddy from mummy we must stay clear!”

She smiled a nervous smile, confusion taking over. Every one around us only taught us how to suffer.

Chloe, Billy and I stayed in bed singing songs and telling stories. After a few hours dad walked but he was looking kinda gloomy.

“I’m afraid I have bad news, but you three will stay together. You won’t be coming home with me, but soon girls so not never.

For now you will stay in a home that’s near your school. He hugged Chloe, Billy and I. “I’m going to miss you all!”

“But I will see you all once a week and I promise to be sober and clean. Nothing means more to me than all you three!”

I know dad included Billy just to make me happy. But Billy knew and he appreciated daddy.

I can’t lie not being with dad filled me with dread and sadness, but happy not being back in the evil clutches of madness!

All of the night before came flooding back to me. Knowing what I did to them filling the with glee.

But what happened to Jackson, he needed to be ok? The last thing I remember was his lifeless face.

“DAD where is Jack, is he alright? I need to see him.” As those words cane from my mouth Jackson came bursting in.

He ran to me a squeezed me tight? Oh my gosh that hurt!
But I was happy that Jack was ok and the night before had worked!

I looked at him all bruised and burnt, scars covered his body. Sterling peering through the door, talking to someone in the lobby.

A females voice talking back and the conversation got quite heated. Louder and louder they threw their voices, the patients ears mistreated.

Dad ran out to break it up. “What is all the bother? Oh it’s you!” He exclaimed, come barging in was mother!

My whole being began to shake and a rage flowed right through me. She’s wasn’t getting her hands on us. I lept up, the leads tore out and I began to bleed.

“NO GET OUT WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE!” “Don’t be silly I’m your mother, please calm down dear.”


I started to feel dizzy and dropped upon the bed, falling down and managing to bump my head.

Slowly I started drifting from those that were conscious and my body became limp and lifeless.

“PLEASE EVERYONE GET OUT!” The doctor exclaimed. “SHE’S LOSING A LOT OF BLOOD!” My body writhing in pain.

Every one bustled out of the room. Not knowing what to assume?

“BLEEP, BANG, SCREAM.” The hospital staff worked away. Pumping we full of drugs. I couldn’t stay awake.

Suddenly I was back in that flat tied to that that chair. Instead of people a bunch of demons resided there.

The only one of human being, tied up with no escape. A sinking feeling took over uncertain about my fate?

Hordes of them dancing around me weapons at hand. Surrounding them shit and piss, a stench I could not stand.

One after one they beat and stabbed me, burnt, kicked, spat and punched. Hungrily, their eyes pierced through me I was the demons lunch.

They put down their weapons, opened their mouths wide. Teeth yellow, sharp and rotten and I have no where to hide.

Tearing into my flesh and knawing on my bones, still I stay alert for it, doing it all alone.

Not before long I sit there no more skin and flesh. No more organs just my skeleton plucked fresh.

They carry on feasting on what’s left if me. I’m left bare because of these ravenous beasts.

When they were done the monsters started to transition. Faces and personalities I recognised getting into position.

You see they got life from feeding on my youth. In this instance they had won and all I did was lose.

I couldn’t let that happen that day I would not die and I fought my way back to life and I opened my eyes.

“Oh thank goodness, hey are you alright?” “Yes doctor it will take more than that to kill me I’m defiantly alive!”

Peering through the door my family’s colour drained. I watched all their faces through the window frame.

“Come in she’s ok and doing well she just needs a couple days rest.” I was out from that horrendous journey I have finished my quest.

All I had to do was get back to school. Start my life a new with decent people.

A few weeks went by and I was discharged. A new safe place, going to live it large!

Reunited with Chloe and Billy we munched on lots of pizza. The next day I would go to school as it was time to deal with Lisa!


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