Kidnap (Ch13)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 13 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

Chloe’s body was trembling in disbelief. “What are you doing mummy?” She cried out whilst squeezing me, then all these men came rushing in.

One man grabbed Chloe and took her away and then she dropped me on the floor. “No please I want Lace!” But she was rushed right out the door.

I looked around by all the chaos, being kicked closer to Lace by all the men. The children had passed out from the pain. I needed to get to them.

Gaggles of men in red masks filled the home in seconds flat. I was being trampled on and used like a door mat.

“DON’T MOVE!” A familiar voice bellowed. “ALL OF YOU GET TO HE FLOOR!” Mum began to pipe up. “What you doing?” “SHUT UP YOU BLOODY WHORE!”

So now the bullies sat in a bundle, sweating, crying and fearing the worst. Shit was going to hit the fan. I needed Lacey out of there first!

The cretins on the floor began to whale, whine and held their stomachs as though they felt pain. As I looked around I noticed they hadn’t clocked on to Lacey’s game.

“What’s wrong with you?” A man asked gruffly. “I need the toilet and I mean now!” Lacey’s eyes began to flicker, she knew it was time to get out!

“Their stomachs are about to blow!” She slurred to the masked men. “Please get Jack and I out of here before it turns into a shit filled den!”

The masked men looked at each other, grabbed the kids and ran out the house. Jack looked at Lacey. “What did you do?” “Don’t worry.” She smiled “We got them back now!”

The stench filled the house in an instant, we’re lucky that we got out. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PUT IN THE DRINKS LACE?” The evil mother began to shout!

Being carried to the van by strangers, Lacey began to laugh. “Smelling that crap in the air is making me want a bath.”

The men placed the kids in the back filled with blankets and pillows. Lacey seemed happy and calm as she peered through the back window.

Jack was frantic! “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Sterling ripped his mask off. “Sorry bro I thought you knew?”

“I overheard your plan and wanted to make sure it worked. “Well you bloody scared me, why’d you say nothing jerk?”

“Honestly, I thought you knew, I’d never let you get hurt, did you think I was going to leave you with those berks?”

The brothers began to get teary and hugged each other tight. “Tonight’s been the worst ever, we’ve had such a massive fright!”

“We’re going to take you to the hospital and then we’re going home.” But where on earth were Chloe and Lacey going to go?

The man in the passenger’s seat turned to Lacey and said, “Lace don’t be mad.” “It’s ok I realised who you were as soon as you spoke DAD!”

“I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get you both away. I promise I’m going to do better and I’m here to stay.”

“I found a place for our family to live, I hope you have space in your heart to forgive?”

“Dad firstly we need to get to a doctor! But how could you leave us with that witch? I really would rather get fostered! Or live in a filthy ditch!”

“You need to promise that you’ll do your best to stay clean. Putting us through all this is just bloody mean!”

“I promise Lace” Dad whispered wiping away a tear. Lacey took a deep breath as to clear away her fear.

So, the van went on fiercely down the road. The children seemed to decline and on their face, it showed.

Their skin turned grey and ashy, their eyes began to glaze. The driver kept on dashing through the busy concrete maze.

There they were poor children in a lifeless haze. They needed to be seen to by a doctor they need to be seen post haste!

“Lacey?” Chloe whimpered, holding out her hand. “HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!” She began to chant to the man driving the van.

Even at such a tender age she noticed the decay. The way Jack and Lacey looked, Chlo had panic on her face.

“DADDY they’re not moving!” She began to freak. He started to shake them and ordered them to speak!

But nothing came from either, not even a breath. Were we about to witness these two children’s deaths?

Suddenly the van came to a holt. Dad and Sterling picked them up and both began to bolt.

Into the hospital we all rushed hastily. “Please doctor you need to help my baby!”

Dad laid Lacey down upon a hospital bed. I could not believe it, could she really be dead?

Dad explained what happened, about the evil witch. That he’d planned to get there earier but came across a hitch.

He was shocked to find them both tied upon a chair. Being beat and burnt by cigarettes, it wouldn’t have happened if he were there!

He began to cry a sea of tears, vast and uncontrollable. “Please you need to help them without these kids I’m completely miserable.”

“We’ll do everything we can Mr Doors, but now we need some space.” But we could all see the worry upon the doctor’s face.

The doors closed upon us, shielding us from view. We all just stood there helpless not knowing what to do?

We waited what felt like hours before the doc came back. Poor dad looked rough, like he was having a heart attack.

The doctor walked so slowly to give us all the news. He mentioned he was worried about all the abuse!

The children were now stable and were coming around. When the staff were checking they didn’t like what they found.

Scars on both their bodies varying in age, accusations flying round. We weren’t on the same page.

The doctor looked at Chloe, “We need to check her too.” “Of course, you can but first tell me what you’re going to do?”

“We just need to check her for bruises, cuts and burns. Come now little one, it’s your turn.”


“It’s alright honey. Can I come with her?” Then we went into a room but the rest was such a blur.

Chloe had some bruises, but from when she fell. Other than that Chloe seemed quite well.

“Mr Doors you can go home but the children must stay for observation. It might only be for tonight but tomorrow we need to have a conversation!”

Dad nodded knowingly, he knew what was going on. What happened to those poor kids was disgustingly wrong!

Dad took me back to the new flat and went straight to bed. But we couldn’t get much sleep with all the disorder in our heads.

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