Posted for the world to see.

This is not a true event for me, but is for a lot of people and we need to stop the disgusting creeps spreading private media when it’s not needed! Lives have been lost because of it. IT HAS TO STOP!!!

I woke today the same as before and typically picked up my phone. Checking up on the world I’m too scared to explore so I’m left alone.

Going through everyone’s perfect lives, well as one would portray. To come across myself in the most peculiar way.

Visuals I would never put on public display. Nausea took over in fear of what you all would say.

A sight of me so raw, unfinished and disgraced. After this I trust no more I’ve been sordidly betrayed.

Someone snuck up to my window and took a little peek. Took out a camera and snapped me a lot this week.

There were pictures of me eating, drinking having a laugh. Even ones of me undressing to get into the bath.

My all laid before the whole world to see, a sickness started to grow viciously inside of me.

People telling their uncensored truth. Had me panicking through the roof.

All your shameful comments of my life so private. Myself unknowing if I would survive this?

And although I knew this would soon be yesterday’s news, the terror of now is just too much to prove.

To prove to you all that I shouldn’t care and some one else had without permission laid me bare.

Took my vulnerability and posted it all to see, even with you talking I’ve never felt so lonely.

Nothing but dread is left of me. If I was dead then would you see? It was a bit of fun really. But NO in truth you’re a fucking bully.

So low and bored you ruin an others life. Cause them mass pain and strife.

To the point they don’t want to breathe, make their blood boil and seethe.

Yet no, I will not let the dirty pigs spread their sin. I will not let them win. So after all this I will scramble up the courage to take it on the chin.

And your comments that tell me I’m disgusting and should die, will fizzle out and blow away sky high.

For I don’t know you and you mean nothing to me. I live for myself so up yours everybody!

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