Camera Phone

Unfortunately this is a real situation. I’ve witnessed many times before by different people. Not just into my window, others too. Sometimes strangers sometimes not!

Please be careful don’t leave yourself open to sneaks and creeps thinking they are allowed to violate your home!

There are cameras everywhere now! We all spend time on our phones taking selfies and making memories with friends and family. The creative’s among us filming the wonders of our world, modern culture as well as traditional! Filming and taking photos of people who want to be catalogued on social media, wanting to make a name for themselves is all good and well.

But don’t think I can’t see you, phone up walking passed my window. Whilst you’re camera peers through the rows of houses yet you look forward and walk your dog, I have watched you hold your camera facing us! Obviously filming without our permission! You violate us with this out of bounds action. Thinking that you’re stealthy with no body watching?

I glimpsed out of my window to be faced with the backside of your phone unapologetically and blatantly stalking. What were you trying to find and what would you do with the footage? Will you be an other creep projecting images of people in vulnerable situations? Or will you notice the pure disgust on my face staring back at your camera as you snakely filmed my home?

So you better believe I am on to you, my blinds stay closed now but I can still see when you purposely walk by my window. Maybe I should film you filming us? Let the world know there is a dangerous person in our mists? Don’t you dare think you are allowed to film into my home. I do not give you permission and if I catch you again. I will be the one filming you!

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