Wear a mask you selfish monsters!

I can not do this! Too many take the piss! Prepare your mouths for hellfire's kiss! Creating confusion. So much delusion! Conspiracies rife, With ludicris solutions! Losing our minds. The masses unkind! Dig a little deeper, Only chaos inside! Too much division, Manic collision. This course unstable, Loss of life is the vision! The few... Continue Reading →

Invisible Illness

The toxic bile you stuff in you mouth, could be the reason you healths gone south? Oh shit, your eyes have gone green. Quicky now, pump up the morphine! No position a comfort, which ever stance you take. Trusting the doctor was your bigest mistake! No visible signs, must mean that you're well. Your insides... Continue Reading →

What they tell you!

There's a darkness inside of us, we must suppress it!A shadow cast over us, we mustn't address it!Put on a show, reinforce happiness.Be bright child, you know not of sadness!Bury it deep, dont let it surface,hide it with a smile, don't let it crack.Whine not child, you know nothing of pain.Shut up before the masses... Continue Reading →

Makeup Therapy

"I wear make up for me." We hear this statement a lot and it's true. I also post pictures of myself wearing makeup so other people can see exactly how good I feel in said makeup. Is it vain? I suppose it is a bit, and we all know we're going to get hatred from... Continue Reading →

Social Media CV?

I have lost a copious amount of confidence in my 30's. I haven't had a job since 2016, I still live with my mother, and I am only now getting my mobility back after four years of constant struggle! I hate me! I can not get out of this rut. Every morning I sit with... Continue Reading →

My Descent into Hell!

We can not help you, it is all in your head! All I needed was support, and that's what the paramedic said. We can take you to the hospital, but you're wasting our time, take some deep breaths and you will be just fine! Off we go, get adjusted in the ambulance. Them wishing I... Continue Reading →

What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes! And yes I know I've been doing these alot recently, but I'm fucking proud of myself I've lost nearly 9 stone altogether!!! I know I'm still not societies ideal, but I feel so much better and I actually like being a plus size woman, so there! Yes I've now... Continue Reading →


They like him, and they like her. We should be free to, do you concur? They are beautiful, genders inconsequential. Sometimes it's connection, without it being sexual. We paint our faces, many colours of the rainbow! Beat that face honey, and off we go! Let us celebrate, come aboard this ride! Respect is for everyone,... Continue Reading →

Just a Little Longer!

Dreaming about an embrace of an other, and I dont mean just the touch of my lover. I can't wait to see you all, drink with you, dance! Party again in a delectable trance. Watching the world go by, is boring, so dull. But, still I see many of you out there, so out of... Continue Reading →

Today’s the Day!

I had a walk, I had a cry. I breathed a little, In, out and sigh! The question, Is why? Its, because today is the day, That I die! Seems so far fetched, Yet I'm convinced! My last drop of oxygen, Close to rinsed. My chest grows tight, Fall down and wince. Bones broken now,... Continue Reading →

Succubus or Sycophant?

It's a sexual being, It breathes, it pants. Is she a succubus, Or a sycophant? The spirits are high, Fantasies rise. Genuine emotion, Or is it all lies? Electricity is flowing, It's strange and unclear. Part of me tingles, But I don't want you near! You think me a tease, Fake affections portrayed. My soul... Continue Reading →

The Fables Warn Out

I'm more enthusiastic when I'm drinking, I know what you are thinking! More she downs, the more she sinks, glasses meet with a glorious 'clink!' Cheers to you, cheers to life, forget love though, you're unlady like! The irons luke warm, never to strike. Broken, failed, not so contrite! Candles blown out, smoke has settled,... Continue Reading →

Monsters are stronger at night

I stand behind the willow tree, longing for you to notice me. I can't bring myself to call your name, as I hide amongst the leaves, head held in shame. You're a temptress, wild and free, too perfect for reality. They want to destroy you, you can not be tamed. Rip you to shreads, leave... Continue Reading →

Can she make you smile?

You're thinking about her again, I can see it in your eyes. Theres a twinkle glazed upon them and a scatter to your thighs. You can't stay still, you're out of your mind. You're full of great gestures, all loving and kind! You fantazise about mundane things, but doing them with her makes your heart... Continue Reading →

Papa Legba

Closing my weary eyes becomes the scariest task at night. Not knowing if I'll ever awake, my chest clamps, tight! My breath is fleeting, my oxygen light. My symptoms exaggerated, I just don't feel right. My brain is fuzzy, losing my sight. Lifes floating by, minds high as a kite. I beg Papa Legba, with... Continue Reading →

Wouldn’t It?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be as light as air. Still a good person, but a different style of care. Guilt didnt live deep in our guts. Others walk round, without sticks up their butts! Life filled with love, instead of hatred. No one vulnerable, none stripped naked. Tragedy invisible, laughter in abundance. No weight... Continue Reading →

Full Capacity, Damaged Brain

I am exhausted,I need some sleep.Afflictions on my body,and my mind begins to weep.Hearts running races,limbs like cement.Burning sensations,bones twisted and bent!Chills run through me,I'm losing this time.Can you please forman orderly line?A leigion of you,testing my sane!Too many thoughts,full capacity, damaged brain!Wrecked is what happens,when it all starts to spill.Mania commencing,and I can not... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me

My bitterness melted when you touched my face.Your lips pressed up against mine, and my heart began to race.I've been single so long, my body forgot mobility.Then you held me like that, oh damn the electricity!Sparks ran through me, like never before.Nirvana seeped, through every pore!Stay close to me always, enter my soul.Kiss me again,... Continue Reading →


Shh, don't tell a soul, but I'm thriving right now! Whilst most of you are freaking out during lock down. My chest is looser, my limbs are sprite. There's a smile on my face, I can sleep at night! I'm not scared to go to bed. I'm filled with life, instead of dread! For the... Continue Reading →

What’s Real Doesn’t Have to Rhyme.

I'm searching for a reason to live. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wanting to die, the complete opposite. Truth be told, I'm scared of death. It's all encompassing. The dread an alarm clock, that rings filling my nightmares. My mask decays, each rotting piece crumples to the ground. Human contact driven away by a... Continue Reading →


Meditation music on and take a deep breath. In, two, three, four. Out, two, three, four. The abnormalities happening in your body are fraudulent, and they shall not infiltrate your core. Close your eyes, centre yourself, and listen for the angelic chimes. Find your happy place surrounding you, as the instruments harmonize. Let your fastened... Continue Reading →

Somethings make us Equal!

My world is choking constantly, still I smile through. Burning sensations rush through me, is it the same for you? One false move for us, and many shall not survive! One fail swoop, there is no trust, all hope has now died! A community of morons, who lead us to our end. The ones in... Continue Reading →

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