There are times I feel proud, Proud, of the words I put down. Forever longing for your approval, But you can't praise me out loud! Yet you parade other words, Impressed, with the other heards. Throwing their work in my face, Acting like it doesn't hurt! I perform my poetry, And you stare blankly, back... Continue Reading →


My blood feels hot! A kettle boiling, almost overflowing. I try not to let it spill. Mind is racing, forever pacing, and I just can't keep still. A multitude of emotions, amalgamate a potion, change the way I feel. Lost and broken, so many words unspoken, these feelings can't be real?


Exhausted, deflated, knackered, conked out. I'm so bloody tired even silence is loud! Floaty, dreamy, slip off to sleep, don't want to hear you, not even a peep! Snooze the alarm? Nah, disable the thing! Switch it to silent, can't hear that bitch ring! Give me a break, I just need some peace. Quiet solitude,... Continue Reading →

Racing through

Monsters approaching, terrors in your eyes. You're not quite complete, it's something I recognise. Screeching, sqaurking, cacophony, howling in your ears. Chants so haunting, it will bring you to tears. Suddenly, symptoms, a fever takes a hold. Shivers, lingering, and you're forever cold! Racing through insanity, lost you have become. Remember to pace yourself, forever... Continue Reading →

Sweet Nectar

Sweet nectar, sheild my agonizing heart. Whisk me away, induce me in a whiskey reverie. Pour the fruity poison down my gullet. Help, forget what it is to be me. I'll crawl into a commotoze state, releasing my hate, toxins corse through my veins. Wrap that leash around my neck, suffocate on spectacular chains. Silently... Continue Reading →


Six nights and seven days in Spain. Come out sunshine, disappear the rain. Drink all the sangria, stain lips with rioja, I'll be the most ecstatic holiday monster! Cocktails by the pool, sun in my face. No worries in the world, on the sun lounger I'll laze. Fill myself with seafood, paella galore. Won't want... Continue Reading →

Old Skool Garage

Music got me smiling, bopping in my chair. There's a needle, stuck inside me, flowing medicine, but I don't care. Old Skool Garage, got me flying, the other patients stop and stare. The tunes so hyped today, so damn good I want to share! If I could, I'd start a party up in here. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

But I Like The Nice Guys, Don’t I?

BEFORE THIS TRIGGERS ANYONE, THIS IS A YEAR OLD POEM, SO NO ITS NOT ABOUT ANYONE IVE MET IN 2019! Its started off so spectacular, but slowly you plant the seeds of doubt in my mind. Everything was going swimmingly. Yet, once again, there are red flags, scattered for me to find! You came across... Continue Reading →

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