What She Needs!

She's leaking from her eyes again, we don't understand why? An other day of crying. Yet, all our faces dry. She needs to lighten up, give less of a damn my girl. You can't do much to change things. Smilings great, give that a whirl. You know its not attractive, to see you look so... Continue Reading →


I feel fine in quarantine, but, I've been acting selfishly. I just sit in my comfort zone, watching you all go crazy! It's fine for me to tell you, "BLOODY STAY INSIDE!" Forgeting that you feel imprisoned, each day feeling less alive. But, remember when you told me that I needed to calm down? This... Continue Reading →

We can not live like this!

I feel like its inside me,I'm really fucking dizzy.My throat is like a vice,and, I am not ok!I can not do this,don't want to smile through this.None of you are listening,leave me be and go away!The moronic population,think of us as snowflakes.Spreading their idiocracy,and bullshit every day!My health is at decrease,lesser physical abilities,A demolished mentality,we... Continue Reading →


We need now, more than ever, a sense of community. Let's restore eachothers faith in humanity. We in isolation, thank you for your kindness, without your compassion we'd be trapped, no one to find us! There would be no food or anybody we could talk to. Although we can not show it, let me tell... Continue Reading →

Corona Compassion

No point worrying, put your big girl pants on. If you get it, you get it. Stop crying, whats wrong? It's only the old, oh, and the auto immune, that could potentially die, but it'll go away soon. Why are you panicked? Why can't you breathe? Quick, get away, shes got the disease! Actually no,... Continue Reading →

Slimming World Champions

Slimming World groups have been shut down. Don't worry though, there's no need to frown. We can support eachother Slimming World troops, Share pictures online, join Slimming World groups. I know its a time of uncertainty, many a people on panicky sprees. Lets take a deep breath, and rummage through cupboards, no need for the... Continue Reading →

Corona Elixir

Lock yourself up tight, don't breathe in the poisonous night. Imprisoned inside in anticipation for the elixir of pure delight. Fear the infectious beings, loo roll panic, sanatizer fleeing. Starve yourself of company, some nasties don't wash hand after peeing! Much of the world on lock down, PMs presence inflicts a frown! The healthy and... Continue Reading →

In and out of despair.

First, I felt the aching, nauseous plight, I looked to doctor to help with the fight. They would give me the magic beans to cure my ails, alas, the first time we tried, it monstrously failed. Many a medicine, to no avail. I felt I was cursed and my hope became stale. My journey never... Continue Reading →

New Years Eve

Rainbow, explosions attacking the sky, colossal fires bring tears to my eyes.Slowly I shrink, whilst you stand and cheer!Wish the banging could scare away all of this fear.Needing my problems to be left in the past.2020! A good omen atlast?Yet, dreadfully mournful and viciously sober,the demons drummed into me, hard to get over.The longing for... Continue Reading →

Watch Out

I'm here to tell a story, of a vile, grotesque being. So ghastly, so beastly, it has all the children fleeing. They try to hide from the monster all seeing. But, it likes to lurk behind you, especially when you're sleeping! It sniffs out its prey, by decibels of fear! Craving the terror, and the... Continue Reading →

Short Truth!

We question each others pain, and with restraint, not go insane. Yet, we can throw blame, excuse each others emotions, lame. No, we're not the same, our differences will flame. Some of you do the shame, yet none of us will gain!

Compassion and Understanding

Please, dear patient, I know you're scared. Let us give you the power to be well prepared. Information complex, too much to understand? We have a team of professionals to lend you a hand. I know this is daunting, but theres so much we can do. Let's go point by point so we all have... Continue Reading →


Come on people, could you hurry up? Just two more to go, and I'm out with any luck! All of you statics, with very many woes, my sympathy is lacking, and ofcorse it shows. Here, give me your arm, I'll stick you with this needle. Oh, did that hurt? My word you're fussy people! Think... Continue Reading →

A Few Good Lovers

Your scent lingers in the air, your kiss pressed upon my lips. Your finger tips imprinted in my hair, this dream of you, pure bliss. My heart a drum solo, with you between my sheets. Just a moment of your breath makes my intimate parts scream. Such a luscious feeling, a body of immense delight.... Continue Reading →


Death on my mind, nothing but death.Emptiness chimes, my inner soul bereft.Seeking an answer, a medical saviour,Yet, the person in front of me has challenging behaviour.I list many woes, terror and doubt.Hideous, insincerity does spill from his mouth.Rolling his eyes, fixated on weight. Lacking compassion. I'm making him late. Ineffective information, making things complicated.Being rushed... Continue Reading →


Minding my business, lazing in bed. An adrenaline shot, right to the head! Trembling torso, filling with dread. Bones, harsh and heavy, all copper and lead. Unable to concentrate, forgot what you said. Don't fret as tomorrow, we could be dead. Anxiety rushing everywhere, I'm nothing, but scared! Being fucked again, because I overly cared.

Agony Aunt

I get a lot of "Babe I'm here if you if you need to talk." But, as soon as I open my mouth it's "Bye!" And off you walk. You don't want to hear my woes or anything about me at all. You just want me 'Agony Aunt' to listen to your bull! I've had... Continue Reading →

The Outside World is Poison!

The outside world is poison, I'm allergic to its ray. I can not expose my body, I'll go into full decay. Disfunction is my programming, my outta shell like clay. My insides start to crumble, my skin is turning grey. Disease is what I absorb, my world in disarray. Hell is being imprisoned, inside I... Continue Reading →

I Just See Red!

Can't sleep, huh? Nervous that I'm gonna find you again? Rip through your body, inflict inconceivable pain! There's a suspicion creeping up, come aboard the worry train. Thought you were fine? Maybe you're going inane? Or, I'm laying dormant, fuck your health, I'm coming to claim. You let your guard down, been here before, you've... Continue Reading →

Not a Catch?

What have I got to bring to the table? All flabby and fat and well, less able. Riddled with anxiety, I walk with a stick, Immunity non existent, I get terribly sick! Treatment has triggered the menopause early, all of these mood swings are alien to me. No one should have to handle all of... Continue Reading →

Because of her size.

Dressed to the nines, this woman's looking fine! He knows it, he wants her, her soul brightly shines! Yet, deep down inside, his feelings do hide, I mean, she's no monster, but, she's too big to like! How can he admit this, it's far too ridiculous? How could he have her, walk by his side?... Continue Reading →

I See a Success

I see a success, she may be very far away, more like a year and not like a day. But, I look in the mirror and although unprepared, no make up on, uncombed, frizzy hair. The reflection of a spectacular me, shines through the glass for this mess to see. Creating moments of irrefutable glee!... Continue Reading →

I just want to go to sleep

I just want to go to sleep and in the morning, everything will be ok. Or maybe I'll go to sleep and then wake up on a better day? Why do I want to be away, well there's nothing else to say. Other than my head is broken and my heart is ashen grey! You'd... Continue Reading →

Let the Darkness Unfold

I should be relaxed whilst snuggled up in bed.But, theres a silhouette dancing on the walls.Something sinister filling me with dread.Crackling noises, screeches down the hall.I want to believe it's all just in my head.Vaguely, I hear my name being called.Seems like I'll just go crazy instead?This bedroom of mine not comforting at all!

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