Panic Disorder

What was the trigger? Nothing really happened. Something inside is chocking me! I'm swollen, much bigger, my throat is tight. It's closing in, and I can't breathe! Sweating profusely, cascading droplets of fear. My mind is fractured, rapidly, racing! My chest pounding, ready to tear. My heart aggressively, pulpatating! My bodies is breaking, ready to... Continue Reading →



I'm trying to write something profound, I want to entice you, keep you around. As I look at my screen, there's a block in my head, its rife in here, but creativities dead! I'm trying to take you all on a journey, I try to be pleasant, but I want you to know me. I appreciate all of... Continue Reading →


You're so numb, even alcohol won't hit you? You've tried to be intoxicated, but you're simply immune? Trying to escape, you hope to soon. Your life has lost rhythm, your hearts out of tune! Done wishing for something, anything good! Multiple shadows, divert to the woods. The souls of the heathen, cloaked with hoods. Why... Continue Reading →


I don't believe in psychic,but I seem to always know!I hate my intuition,these feelings really blow!I suppose its like a pillow,my emotions don't need to show.But, my gut is shot with sickness,and I cry when I'm alone!The day started so cheery,been smiling all day long.I can't pin point when it happened,but I knew that I... Continue Reading →

Olde Tragedy

Damascus blade, slice through flesh. Wounded maid, with bloodied breast. Stab her heart, middle of chest. Crimson paint, soaks her dress. Struggling maiden, fighting for breath. A broken heart, caused her death. Love once was, all now bereft. One more demon, one angel less.

Sly Silly Sausages

No, naughty, gnomes,I don't want you near my home.You're grumpy and evil,in my garden, you shall not roam!Mischievous, mini, minions,I see you changing places.No longer steady statues,you stare, with vicious faces.Little, looming, liars,with your appetites voracious.Ready to tuck into flesh,your actions completely ferocious!Crawling, creeping closer,I shut and lock the doors.I can smell the rot on... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Slice of cake, pour the bubbly. Rip the paper, lovely jubbly! Sip champagne, shot the voddy. Squeeze on the dance floor, and shake your body! It's your special day, it's all about you! Let's get silly, on the witches brew. So, Happy Birthday, and all of that. But, you got work in the morning, so... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Head

What are you there, lurking under my bed? All I am is a sleepy head. I mean you no harm, so please leave me be. I'm good and kind, just watch you'll see. What troubles you so, could I help, maybe? Hey, I can still see you, why won't you speak? Please MR come from... Continue Reading →

Theres Nothing Wrong With You.

She's consulting me, telling me how I feel. "You're not as sick as you say you are, if its in your head it's not real!" "Although your stomachs in knots, and your doubled over in pain. I can't help you with any relief, like I said, it's your brain." "I need you realise, it's not... Continue Reading →

When Can We All Be Human?

A monstrous population, demanding segregation. Wishing for the annihilation, of progressive intergration. We are all important races, with differnt colour faces! Inhabiting various places. Sick of the disgraces!!! These 'Old Fashioned' wanksters, negating, that they're gansters. Just, internet trolls and pranksters, some say that its all banter? The best of us will win soon, against,... Continue Reading →

A Little

Recognising that it's ok to feel this way! And whilst you struggle from day to day, your life is worth living! So do something little to celebrate. Whether it be a stroll, a leap or a roll. Maybe listen to that music that moves your soul? Jump in the shower to wash that skin. Your... Continue Reading →


POP! There it goes. You were content, from your head to your toes. Yet, somehow, and goodness knows? You're riddled with dread, shot with a blow! Your stomach is turning. The fear disconcerting! Feeling helpless, you're burning, and your heart is done yearning. Nothing and no one, means anything, and your done! Constant night time.... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk it out!

Would you stop arguing and come to an agreement? Delegate roles properly, or I'm off, I bloody mean it! For goodness sake, theres not much space, can you please shut up?! My head is friggin pounding. Come on guys, you suck! Oh, you are a whiny cow! What, don't you like to share? All of... Continue Reading →


I want you,I'm waiting!Where are you?Frustrating!Sex talk is,deflating.Your brain,constantly mating!I'm clever,and witty!It's not all about the titty!You're boring,disappointing!Dickheads have got me snoring!Where are you,the reals ones?I'll let them grab on to my buns!So be real,and humain.Not full of fucking disdain?

Always Anxious Me

My eyes closing, ready to sleep, I feel you hovering over me. Immediately they open to scan and see, there's no one here, my room is empty. But your presence is felt, I know you're here. I feel the heat of your breath, you're definitely near. I'm filled with anger, but mostly fear! You know... Continue Reading →

We The Soulless

Shadows casting, Winter's laughing, Darkness is on it's way. Broken bottles, Car throttles, The air is ashen, grey. Claustrophobic, Can't breathe, feel sick, Spread disease today. Hell froze over. Demonic chauffeur, Releasing poision spray. The dead are dancing, Masquerading as the living, They will use our bones. We the soulless, Limp and loveless, We'll be... Continue Reading →


Shh! I hear it scuttling toward us, We should not breathe until it passes. Try not to move, nor twitch or fuss, For it shall be both our arses. It's stench so dense, A more vulgar, manure. Pass out from the horror? Just a whiff is torture, pure! It's heaving, snarling, Crawling, along the walls.... Continue Reading →


Unravelling I'm, mediocre. Pretty unremarkable. There isn't any thing about me that glitters or sparkles. I guess I'm satisfactory? I get a C, I'm OK? Being plain conventional, sorta has its place. Treated as blah. A nothing kind of something. Wonderers pass by, their personalities bling. I'm going unnoticed, my deeds not recorded. I've changed... Continue Reading →


There are times I feel proud, Proud, of the words I put down. Forever longing for your approval, But you can't praise me out loud! Yet you parade other words, Impressed, with the other heards. Throwing their work in my face, Acting like it doesn't hurt! I perform my poetry, And you stare blankly, back... Continue Reading →


My blood feels hot! A kettle boiling, almost overflowing. I try not to let it spill. Mind is racing, forever pacing, and I just can't keep still. A multitude of emotions, amalgamate a potion, change the way I feel. Lost and broken, so many words unspoken, these feelings can't be real?


Exhausted, deflated, knackered, conked out. I'm so bloody tired even silence is loud! Floaty, dreamy, slip off to sleep, don't want to hear you, not even a peep! Snooze the alarm? Nah, disable the thing! Switch it to silent, can't hear that bitch ring! Give me a break, I just need some peace. Quiet solitude,... Continue Reading →

Racing through

Monsters approaching, terrors in your eyes. You're not quite complete, it's something I recognise. Screeching, sqaurking, cacophony, howling in your ears. Chants so haunting, it will bring you to tears. Suddenly, symptoms, a fever takes a hold. Shivers, lingering, and you're forever cold! Racing through insanity, lost you have become. Remember to pace yourself, forever... Continue Reading →

Sweet Nectar

Sweet nectar, sheild my agonizing heart. Whisk me away, induce me in a whiskey reverie. Pour the fruity poison down my gullet. Help, forget what it is to be me. I'll crawl into a commotoze state, releasing my hate, toxins corse through my veins. Wrap that leash around my neck, suffocate on spectacular chains. Silently... Continue Reading →


Six nights and seven days in Spain. Come out sunshine, disappear the rain. Drink all the sangria, stain lips with rioja, I'll be the most ecstatic holiday monster! Cocktails by the pool, sun in my face. No worries in the world, on the sun lounger I'll laze. Fill myself with seafood, paella galore. Won't want... Continue Reading →

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