Because of her size.

Dressed to the nines, this woman's looking fine! He knows it, he wants her, her soul brightly shines! Yet, deep down inside, his feelings do hide, I mean, she's no monster, but, she's too big to like! How can he admit this, it's far too ridiculous? How could he have her, walk by his side?... Continue Reading →


I See a Success

I see a success, she may be very far away, more like a year and not like a day. But, I look in the mirror and although unprepared, no make up on, uncombed, frizzy hair. The reflection of a spectacular me, shines through the glass for this mess to see. Creating moments of irrefutable glee!... Continue Reading →

I just want to go to sleep

I just want to go to sleep and in the morning, everything will be ok. Or maybe I'll go to sleep and then wake up on a better day? Why do I want to be away, well there's nothing else to say. Other than my head is broken and my heart is ashen grey! You'd... Continue Reading →

Let the Darkness Unfold

I should be relaxed whilst snuggled up in bed.But, theres a silhouette dancing on the walls.Something sinister filling me with dread.Crackling noises, screeches down the hall.I want to believe it's all just in my head.Vaguely, I hear my name being called.Seems like I'll just go crazy instead?This bedroom of mine not comforting at all!

Who Pissed Me Off Here?

You can chose your friends, use and abuse your friends;til the very end of time. But fuck you and all that shit you do. Coz this shit is too fine! I ain't on your drama and stupidity. I'm into me and mine! So fuck yourself and like them other cunts you just stay there and... Continue Reading →

I’m Trying to be Peaceful

I can't burp, I can't sneeze, and I'm bearly able to swallow, it's all very alarming, and it's driving me round the bend! I'm trying all my techniques, to the letter I do follow, but today my anxiety is clawing til the end! I was doing so well, showing signs of progression. I was getting... Continue Reading →

Don’t Touch Me!

You're too touchy feely. A lot a bit creepy! I ask you not to, so you wait til I'm drunk. Still, you carry on you nasty, little punk. Don't try to hug me. I'm not being nasty. Leave me be, drinking wine. Then all will be fine. You're disturbing, disgusting, I can't fucking stand you!... Continue Reading →


Stick needles in me, a pin cushion I'll be. Disfunction inside, I'll never be free. Poison running, veins popping. Heart racing, my innards chopping. Swallow pills, to save my life. Slice through me with a jagged edged knife. Disjointed soul shaking agonized limbs. Losing control, my mind does ring. Screams of pain release from me.... Continue Reading →


Sex can be passionate without catching feelings.The intensity, soaring climaxes,  energies hitting the ceiling.Being able to let someone in, feel great about it in the morning.Get your shit together, tell them see you later, whilst they're yawning.It's not about do it an dash, it's about that was that!It's about I can let you touch me... Continue Reading →

Fresh Baked Lies

I have a plan, I need a mask. I need to put on a presentable facade! So I can film, and make a kill! So the consumers will give me money at their will! I need their love, but in disguise. Give me more money and I'll always love you guys! Make more content, dispite... Continue Reading →

Anxiety is a Vampire

Anxiety hits you whilst you're sleeping, you wake up thinking you're having a heart attack! Move yourself, get to the toilet, distract the crushing pain in your back! You feel like your throat is blocked up with gas, and you can't relax? Your chest is heavy and you're so clammy, skin dripping like melting wax.... Continue Reading →

We are Creatives!

I refuse to be broken anymore!I have a plan to change my life around!I can make it as a creative.I won't let you push me underground!I know not everyone will love our work.I know not everyone will care.But, I know we're too good to give it up!So let's support eachother and share, share, share!I love... Continue Reading →

You Awake Too?

How many of us are kept up at night by the the nightmares of the past? It's 4am and I've not been drinking, but I'm burning up real fast! The voices woke me up, screaming in my head. There is a sweat induced figure of a woman, where I lay in bed. Now I can't... Continue Reading →

Cash Money

I'm skint, I'm poor, I'm brasic! Would robbing a bank be too drastic? Some cash would be fantastic! She falls to the floor. Dramatic! I need to do something! Literally, anything! But I can't afford a thing. For my supper, I shall sing! Who wants to take me out. Next time will be my shout!... Continue Reading →


I want fried chicken and macaroni cheese! I'll get mad if its healthy, take away the salad, please! Did someone say takeaway, lets get a chinese! I can't stop eating, I got a disease! I'm sad, so some give me some food. I'm happy, so feed me to celebrate my mood. I have no will... Continue Reading →

One Minute to the Next

I'm craving human inimacy. Don't Fucking touch me bro! Why doesn't anyone like me? Erm, what you looking at though? I need to eat more healthily! Dinner is fried food with cheese. Be serious, why are you so silly? Could you lighten the mood, please? I need a right ol knees up! Go away, I... Continue Reading →

You’re No Monster.

Tap, tap, tap, on the window. I wish you would go away!At bloody 3 am, it's really early and super late!I see your silhouette, project upon my moon lit wall.A sinister figure. Seemingly, over 10ft tall.I try to stay fixed like furniture, a cobbled stone like statue.Medusa clapped her eyes on me, but that makes me... Continue Reading →


I'm nervous,I'm nauseous.It's chaos,I'm cautious!Don't trust it,don't want it.Don't stay here,run from it!Smack,there you have it,Stuck,inside this shit!I'm losing,forever.A fix,will be never.I'll spiral,I'll sink.I'll gorge,on the drink.More I do,less I think.Nothingness,on the brink!Understanding,is futile!Want saving,denile!Just lose it,you've lost it.Can't grab it,never had it!

Oi, I’m on Fire!

Its heating up in here, someone turn the dile down! Its so hot my skin is crying, pouring sweat upon my brow! My insides are flaming, I swear I could breathe fire. A dragon in heat and temperament, all this is rather dire! A sheet of burning flames dance upon my skin. My mind is... Continue Reading →

I’m a silly girl

I know you don't think I'm smart enough. You forget the experience I've had to endure. I ask you for support and I keep quiet when I get nothing.I let you run out of the proverbial door! What if I was hoping to start a whole new life, let writing be my vocation? I'd get... Continue Reading →

Queen of Crappy

I've got no motivation, my body's kinda numb. The only sorta of emotion is, I'm feeling pretty glum! I know what will work, but I'm scared to do it! Every time i do, for days I feel like shit! But, its so boring, I've not been outside for a week. Do I go and buy... Continue Reading →

Gluttony and Dark Poetry

I have started asking fellow friends for illustrations and characters for my blog/short stories/poetry. This beautiful rose illustration is by one of my favourites, Thank you my lovely xxx I'm regressing, I can feel it, I've not stepped outside all week. Everything feels so difficult, I can't even brush my teeth! The only thing comforting,... Continue Reading →

NO to the PHONE!

I can not pick up right now, my tensions are running high. By all means send a text and I'll get back to you, alright? How many of you fuckers call my arse just to be sly? Knowing my pathetic self will hear it ring, and maybe cry?  Who of you think you're slick, playing with my emotions? Having to... Continue Reading →

Inside Out.

Why do I disassociate myself from sexual intimacy? Why when I have intercourse, do I need a drink in me? Where are the desires that I'm supposed to feel? Why does nothing sensual, ever feel real? What's wrong lady, you think maybe its the chemo? Could also be the menopause, it can cause this you... Continue Reading →

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